Who Am I Talking To? Let’s Review

This blog still seems so new to me. It was started after much consideration, with one long, carefully written post explaining why in the world I was starting a blog when there were already a bazillion all over the Internet. My reason for writing is still fresh in my mind. But I realize that my readers, on the other hand, after reading perhaps all sixteen of my agonizingly written posts, may have forgotten my purpose, or some may have come in later and missed it altogether.

As strange as it may seem, unlike your average fibro blog, mine is not being written specifically for others who suffer with this same chronic illness, though if such readers find the commonality of our struggles encouraging, this blog has gone far beyond my expectations. But my intended audience is those who do not have fibromyalgia, both my family and friends and people I’ve never met, in the quest for fostering understanding in them.

Knowing that this is an invisible illness, I decided I would have to show in words what is impossible to see in person. So I have since proceeded to dig into my long-accumulated mental recesses and attempt to put my past and current experiences into words that accurately paint the picture of my life in the most realistic, understandable, effective way possible. All of this in the effort of simply giving my readers a fuller knowledge of what I live with, so that they can better know the reasons behind so much of my life, and the lives of others who have the same illness: why I often can’t go to church, why I stay up all hours of the night and sleep all day, why I am sometimes sociable and sometimes not, why I can’t always find the right words, and much more.

So this blog is for you who know someone with fibromyalgia and think they’re just exaggerating, for you who know someone with fibro and wish to help them, for you who want to understand but don’t want to ask questions, for you who are simply curious, for you who know little and want to know more, for you who want to understand the best you possibly can while not experiencing fibromyalgia yourself. The latter is what we with fibro want but know is like asking the moon of someone.

If you care enough to read, I just want you to learn. And you can’t learn if no one bothers to teach you. And this is why I continue to try to show you glimpses of this invisible illness.


I’ll expound on what to do with your knowledge in a later post.