Who in the World I Am

I am a newlywed to the handsomest, most wonderful man in the whole world.

I hold a Creative Writing degree from a Christian university; previously worked as a proofreader and then a freelance editor, during which I edited 36 books; and am now simultaneously a signed songwriter and owner/designer of a handcrafted jewelry business, the latter without which I would likely by now be insane.

I cannot eat gluten, apples, potatoes, and peaches. And I live with fibromyalgia and its innumerable, unpredictable symptoms.

Besides all of that, I am an introverted, perfectionist, melancholy, red-headed, Dr. Pepper-guzzling grammar freak.

That’s me.

For a longer essay on my fibromyalgia diagnosis and its umpteen symptoms, please take a look at this post.


2 thoughts on “Who in the World I Am

  1. Glad I hide it well. 😉

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